Welcome to Wendy's World!

I live in the Dallas area. I am looking to start out by wholesaling, but have an end goal to buy & hold.

For years, I was an entrepreneur and loved every minute of it. And the fact that I was just making it financially didn't bother me because I loved what I was doing and felt very fulfilled. However, when I thought about my future, I'd say that one day, I'll do something to take care of my retirement. Then, a number of months ago (while I was studying Dean's stuff and trying to learn the RE ropes), I realized that "one day" was starring me in the face. And planning for my retirement had better start now! So, RE investing is my retirement vehicle. Because even though I'm currently in the corporate world and have a 401K way, I started way too late in life for it to amount to anything significant by the time I need it.

About me: I'm eternally optimistic. I'm all about personal growth and do life coaching on the side. I love my day job. I've always believed that days are too long when you do something you dislike, so I've made it my mission to spend my days doing things that are fulfilling and challenge me.

I love learning. I'm linear in thinking, but my 20 years in the world of costuming helped to balance my thinking, so I can be pretty darn creative when it's called for. I can't help but create efficient systems with anything I touch. So, right now, I'm working on my investing system. I'm highly organized, structured and a mega-planner. I love to negotiate. So, I look forward to working with sellers, buyers, finances folks, etc.

I work best when I have someone to bounce ideas off of, so I'm very receptive to making connections through dg.com and creating awesomely successful partnerships.

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