A short Bio

I am an independent contractor computer support consultant, with 4k scholarship which i have not decided how to use. Hoping to further certify my computer training with it, or somehow use it to invest in my future.
I am new to investing in real estate, but believe that is the best avenue for return on investment to be able to retire with financial peace of mind by age 55 (i am 50 currently), in and thru even these terrible financial times.
Creative open minded, sponge for information and techniques, are words that describe my approach when i am passionate about something.

I know that its possible, but i don't know how just yet i will get to my ladder life goals.
Money is the last thing i want to be worried about,because i have too many other things in life i want to be getting inspired about to be worried about how i will make the money to invest in my dreams. I am a inventor and investor, in people and life. And it will take lots of money to patent and develop those inventions and design...which is my real passion.

University of Montana-Tech Corps
Certificate of Service, AmeriCorps Tech Corps Volunteer, 2004
Howard College
Major, Art,
Minor, English Lit 1988

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