All that I am is because of my Lord. I am realizing this day by day. The life I live is not my own, but the Lords. For many years I ran in the other direction because I feared that I would not be good enough for the Lord. I have learned that my Lord can use anyone that chooses to follow him with their whole heart. Being a servant for the Lord is better than anything that has ever happen to me in this life thus far. I give my Lord all the Praise, Honor, and Glory as well as a IOU because I’ll never be able to repay the Lord for the peace, and joy he has brought to me. Now, I enjoy helping others find their self worth when others have said they had none. Once everyone know that Jesus lives in their heart and loves them and will forgive them of all their sins. They just have to get pass the point of thinking like men and realize we can come to him no matter what we have done for he already know and humble yourself and ask for forgiveness and accept the Jesus as your personal Lord and savior. Come to him with your whole heart and he will provide for you a place in heaven and keep the faith throughout all the rough and hard times. Remember to thank God for those rough and hard times because they build your faith. I have been on disability since 1994 and I'm trying to make this a way out. I have tried so many things and had just about given up until I found this program. I have already built two teams ready to move into action with someone working on a city housing contract. I look at this work as a ministry. The wife and three boys complete me. I look at them knowing that others have a desire to do better with some creative help. As I grow in this industry I wish to be as of a help to as many as I can God willing. Take care of you and your's.