Every Day is Just Another Good Day!!

I was born Christopher John Finch on October 28, 1983. I married my wife on September 7, 2002; we have 3 beautiful girls Karleigh 5, Courteney 4 and Ryah 1. I currently live in Fresno, CA and I started this program 1/28/09!!! I have always loved real estate and have viewed my future as truly started when I made my first real estate deal.

My father was a real estate agent before he became a teacher and followed a lot of the Carlton sheets methods of acquiring fixing and selling real estate without using his own money. I tried to learn from his mistakes and after I was married for almost 3 years I made my first deal with 'OPM' or other people’s money. I ended up making around a 40k profit but didn’t handle the money well and it lead to my family being in a worse spot.

I have since let fear and skepticism control my path and I have hated every inch of it! I am tired of living for my "Just Over Broke"!! I want to give my family what my parents could never give me. I want control over my discussions and the freedom to help anyone who needs it.

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