A bit about me...

I’m accustomed to occupying pivotal positions regarding daily communication, planning, and implementing as it pertains to workforce and workload. As a manager, I can be a great, unifying force in the company; a "glue" that holds things together. Not only am I also a driving force that serves to maintain momentum [as it pertains to business development and organizational growth] but I also take a personal interest in our employees/clients and build relationships based on trust.

As a visionary I fix my eyes over the horizon; it's a motovator. I enjoy meeting new people and, as may be expected, they actually “jazz” me up. My responsible nature ensures that I take a psychological ownership of what I commit myself to; my good name depends on it. Incidentally, speaking plainly is something I do well so I don’t make excuses or rationalizations. That, coupled with impeccable ethics, creates a reputation for utter dependability. So, when you want something done… come to me.

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