Southern Heart and Corn bread fead, but in the West Coast is where I rest my head.

I was born in a small town in Texas, my parents were the rocker type who partied all the time and rarely saved any money. We rented house after house for many years, then my mom left my dad and we all moved in with my grandmother. My sister ran away to go live with my mom, my brother and I stayed with our dad and grandmother. No one in our family had ever graduated from High School, everyone either dropped out because it was too hard or they had to drop out to help support the family. I was determined to be the first to graduate and get out of Texas and away from all the naysayers that said "You'll amount to nothing, you'll be just like your mother, If you ever want to be somebody, you have to drop out of school and work for a living" The same community that held my family back. The same people still stuck in a dead-end job, barely paying the bills every month because they drink it all away. I could have easly listened to them and dropped out of school, but that would have held me back from following my dreams. So, I put all those negative people out of my life and listened to my teachers. Then my mom started coming back around once I turned 18 and I thought since she was my mother I could trust her. Well, I was wrong! She came to me asking if there was any way I could get a credit card to help her get some furniture for her new apartment, she had used all the money she had on the down payment. Me being young and niave, I tried to help my mother out. I got her the furniture she wanted on 2 new credit cards, because I couldn't get the credit limit needed off of just the 1. She made payments to me of like $75 each month and I paid the remaining balance each month for about 3 months. I ended up losing my job at Wal-Mart because they couldn't work around my school schedule and because I didn't have reliable transpertation to and from work. So, I could no longer afford to pay the remaining balance left on the cards. Thats when she took over for about 2 months. I trusted her, then she stopped paying the credit cards. I didn't find this out until after the credit cards went into collections, needless to say I have BAD Credit now because of her. She said she was going to contact the collection agents and get it settled but, no such of a thing ever happened. I finished school, I was the first person to EVER graduate high school in my family but it wasn't as exciting because I had all this debt to take care of and no job. I had an oppurtunity to go to college on a full ride but at the time, that's not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an Actor, so I bought a car for $450 told everyone I knew I was going to go to Hollywood and be in TV and the movies. Everyone laughed and said "We'll see you before the year is up" that was in 2005. I drove to Hollywood in my beat up Saturn that had been in an acident, I had $350 in my pocket and the american dream to be a celebrity. When I got here it was nothing like I had dreamed, it was actually like a nightmare. I had no money, no family, no friends, and no place to stay but in my car. 2 days after being in Hollywood I landed a role on a pilot for a TV show "GREEK". The show got picked up on ABC Family and I was working all the time, I saved up the money and got an apartment. Did background work for TV and Movies but nothing was really paying the bills. So, I got a job at Arclight Cinemas as a projectionist while I was still working on "GREEK". I met my girlfriend at Arclight and we feel in love basically at first site, we dated for 6 months and then we got the news that we were going to be parents. That same day I was kicked off of "GREEK" after 2 seasons because I failed to show up on set. My money was running out and we didn't want to raise a child in that environment so, we moved in with her mother in Orange County. I worked a few odd jobs hear and there trying to feed us, nothing was working. I applied at Disneyland and got the job, we had our healthy baby boy and I've been working at Disney for 8 months now. I want to get into buying and selling realistate, unfortunately I have NO MONEY saved up and I have really bad credit. Hopefully there is some way that I can make my dream from every since I was little, come true. I want to buy a house, something I never had growing up. I want my son to be able to say "My dad was smart, I look up to him" instead of "My dad's a dead beat and we don't have any money" That's what this has come down too, I want to change my life and my son's life.