My Life

Well I have done quite a bit in these many years on Mother Earth. Joined the service at 17, did bout'7 years, got out, then worked for the State Department of Corrections as a Correctional Office, didn't care to much for that, left and started working in the Entertainment Industry where I currently as employed with Warner Brothers Studios as a Supervising Sound Editor. I supervise post production sound for television shows.
I also recently went to the Kaplin Real Estate school and passed my State of California Real Estate exam, and sent off for my license. I am not working for a broker yet, still waiting on the license. Now I'm looking into investing into real estate so here I am. I am also very good at fixing up things and have done a completely remodel on my last home where I did about 80% of all the work.

Just starting

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Hello all,
Well I just received Deans book and will be reading it over the weekend and hopefully get it done.