Star of Atlantis

Hi my name is Misty and I live in UTAH, not my favorite place in the world but where I have landed at least for now. I am hoping that with the help of Dean's amazing books I will soon be able to post that I have moved to the north west. WA or OR. Anyway, I am VERY new and have not yet even done my first deal but I am looking for that deal and I haven't even finished with the books yet! That is how motivated and excited I am! I am 35 and I am engaged to be married to the most amazing man, the problem is that the lives in another country and we are both working towards him coming here where he will be my partner in this realistate venture. Hopefully it will only be a few more weeks and he will be here. I am so sure that this program is going to let me achieve my dreams, and I have a pretty darn big mouth, that I am telling every one I know how amazing it is. I don't even care if they look at me like I am crazy. I do have a LOT of questions and hope to get some help here, so I guess here I am, look out world! Smiling

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