Just The Beginning

My partner and I own a General Contracting business in Upstate New York. We have purchased 2 of Dean's books and are excited to get started now! We have very specific goals that we intend to reach in record time in order to start our lives together and we know that with our own knowledge, confidence and experience, combined with Dean's unbelievable guidance and the inspiration and resources available here in this website, that we have a boiling pot of success at our feet!
We plan on focusing on the reassignment strategy as well as the lease or rent to own option first as we don't want to invest our business funds until we see positive cash flow. Then that cash flow will be used to purchase tax lein properties, as we have prior experience with.
We plan to DBA a new business to add to our existing business that will be a Property Service business. This is exiciting as we have been inspired through Dean's advice to become Marketing Consultants, Problem Solvers as well as being experienced and equipped to handle many of the homeowners needs: repairs, inspections, touch ups. Basically, we feel blessed and are on the road to achieving our goals faster than we ever thought possible.
We welcome any and all advice or inspiration!

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