Who I am.

Hello and Good Fortunes to all. My name is Joseph Sullivan and grew up in a small town in Oregon called Mt. Angel just 19 miles northeast of Salem, Oregon.

I joined the Navy when I was still in high school and spent the next 10 1/2 years there until I was medically discharged in 1994. This is where I was first introduced to REI. I just did nothing about it.

I have not worked in the last 10 years and am not qualified really to do much other than to be a stay at home dad for my children. I have no retirment set up for us and that is a driving force for me entering the REI world.

My first introduction was with a friend of mine. He was stationed with me in San Diego, CA and was in a position then to use his Re-enlistment money to buy or put money down on Condo's in the area and he continued to do this everytime he Re-upped. I just did not get it then. But it got me thinking, and salavating.

Now, about four years ago I got on board with a group called AIN and they promised me a load but just did not click with me or I was too nearvous to move forward with it. THey gave me loads of information, loads of information, loads of information.... and then I went braindead with all that information... I froze.

I have to be honest and say that I have seen many late night shows with Dean Graziosi, Carleton Sheets, Russ Whitney and others, I have read books by Carleton SHeets, Russ Whitney, Robert Allen, and others and been motivated like nothing before, but then reality hits me and I have no money to buy any of those courses to get started.

What striked me most with Dean, his sincerity and integrity. So I bought his books; Profit From Real Estate Right Now, and Be A Real Estate Millionaire. It was funny because I was reading the later when the people at Deans office called to tell me I was reading the wrong book first and all I could do was laugh. How did they know? Do they have little computer chips in those books that lets them know which book was being read first? Just made me laugh, and feel good too.

I look forward to investing in my childrens future as well as my own. I want, no, that is not the word, NEED, that is a better word, need to do this for our future.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me a little bit. I hope that this site will enable me with lots more knowledge in REI and help to form new friendships along the way.

Godspeed at lightspeed!


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