Small Town Man meets Orlando Metro

I grow up in city of 2,500 in southwest Kansas as the 5th child in a farming and ranching family. It was drilled into all of us that loser worked for someone else as a life plan. Everyone of us had a business in our background by the age of 25, myself included. Unfortunately with no true understanding or support most of us failed to have a strong business more like a one man band to say if we were not there to work the business was closed for the day.

I live in the Orlando Metro area to the north in Seminole co. for about 25 years now. I have worked in the A/C repair and install world. Than on to Rent to Own for 2 years. Had a Video Production business for 17 years until 9,11, 2001. For two years I worked part-time as I tried to revive the business only to close the doors and move on.

From that time the work I did was pre-training for this business. 3 years in the pest control and termite inspection business learning thing to look for in a house. This took me from one end of the Metro to the other helping me understand the type of home and environmental impacts of each neighborhood.

I saw in Dean the real deal not just a one off but someone that not only did it but is still in the business.

Thank You Dean and all who share their leadership and know on these papers showing us a way out.

God Bless You Everyone
Tim Notestine, Notable Asset Group of Florida