Who I am

I am a young "God-fearing" woman. He is my Father; He is my Everything. Without Him I would not be here today. I want the world to know that He can that person to you too.

I am currently a student at Medgar Evers studying nursing. I have a 16-month old daughter and I am currently pregnant with my second child who is going to be a boy. My husband and I are faithful ministers for our Lord.

I've been studying Dean's course book since the first time he released his second book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire". From there my life has changed. I was skeptical a little because my husband was, so I kept it to myself for about a year now just reading and taking notes. I have done a thorough research on the program and I found other related information that can also help me along with this real estate business. I really do look forward to getting out of debt. When I do update my profile in less than a year from now I will be debt free. I just pray and hope like everyone else to reach the level where worrying about money is not of an issue. I am grateful to have come across Dean's books and I know that I will have a testimony.

Anycase blessings to all who are reading this. May you be comforted and fulfilled.

Love Gladia

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