A little about me

I am from a small town in New York, not far from where Dean grew up. I left to join the Navy, then came back and settled into an "ok at the time" job. I met my wife and became a stepdad of 4 boys, about 4 years later we completed the crew with our little girl. My wife went through an expensive divorce, and between the pregnancy(which i wouldn't change for anything) and the dipping economy we got very behind on our bills. I work two full time jobs and my wife works one and takes care of the house and kids. Just before we met i was learning about REI, but used her and the kids as an excuse to give up. Later I saw Dean's infomercial and decided to give it a try. I bought his course and although it was great i didn't follow through. The same has happened with the "Success Academy" i start out well but use the first obstical as an excuse to procrastinate. I think about REI constantly and after a while i get frustrated with myself, work like a mad man, get a little closer to my goal, get satisfied that i did something and quit agian. I recently bought the Edge program and know i can't expect any better results unless i take action on what i have learned. I can't use being tired from two jobs and a family, or not having time, or anything else as an excuse anymore. REI has become my one burning desire (as Nepolion Hill puts it), and i refuse to fail. Dean's Seven Levels Deep exercise has been very helpful, and Jeff Jensens talk about having one path is helping me focus. I plan to have a deal under my belt in the next few weeks. I know that once i prove it to myself i will become addicted and never stop. For myself and my family this is the time to make it work.

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