My Bio

I got my BA - in Management Information Systems in 1991 and started out in the IT industry in 1992 consulting for Fortune 500 Companies in NYC & NJ. I was laid off from a dot com company in May 2001.

Real estate:
I decided that maybe a change in careers was in order and that real estate was a good fit for me. I got my license in June 2001 (Weichert Real Estate School), trained with them in July -- then finally started in August. Unfortunately 9/11 came along and everything came to a screeching halt. It was probably one of the saddest times ever -- no one was doing business -- the country was in mourning. During this time I got about 5 clients from NYC wanting to move to NJ -- which unfortunately was a short-term emotional reaction. I had so many offers in, and then they all decided 1 by 1 to stay in NYC. What a let down! At the same time my boyfriend was having serious back issues, so I was taking care of him for 3 months. All signs were pointing away from this decision....

I decided at that time that I needed $$ so I worked at a local agency as a Marketing Assistant. I learned how to create listings portfolios, postcards, email campaigns, brochures. I worked with them for a year, then went out on my own as a Freelance Web designer & marketer focusing on the real estate industry.

I've always wanted to get into real estate investing - this seems like the best time to get into it. No more excuses. I believe that all my experiences have led me to this point. I have zero experience in investing -- I have worked with investors but had no idea what they were looking I'm beginning to see....

Any advice is hugely appreciated!!!! Smiling

Happy Investing!

My skillsets:

Web design/development freelancer
Marketing: designing brochures (mainly real estate) / postcards
Photographer: I take real estate photos to design the brochures
Real estate licensed (referral agent) - I was an agent for a grand total of 9 months -- bad timing.
Many real estate contacts (this could go either way if they aren't open minded)

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