New to the site.. New to the DG system...

I just finished reading Dean Graziosi's book, Profit From Real Estate Right Now and I am just full of inspiration. I dont have any support from any friends or family when it comes to investing in real estate. None. Despite the negativity I am badgered with daily I still manage to muster up the will to dedicate every spare minute of my time to re-reading Dean's book or rummage through Its not easy in my current situation but Dean Graziosi's words of encouragement and certainty of his system have me sitting on the edge of seat.

Through many ups and downs in my life, I am currently way far down. I am a server at a restaurant and very close to a $0 balance at the bank. I lived in a fifth wheel trailer not too long ago. Yes, a fifth wheel. not a mobile home-- a hook on the back of your truck fifth wheel trailer that people use for camping or road trips, but I called it 'home'. I am less than two months away from calling that tiny piece of tin with wheels my home once more.

The story of how my fiance and I got here is one all its own but we now live at my Mothers place. Its no picinic. Its a small duplex from the '50's in a rundown part of town. Living here is my mother, her husband, my brother, my sister, my fiance and myself. 6 people, 3 rooms, ONE bathroom. Oh, and did I mention a total of 6 dogs, 1 hamster and 4 cats? Its insane! Its sad. You see, we had 5 cats. Four of which were mine. Now I have three. My Moms 4 backyard dogs managed to attack and kill one of my cats recently. I am so tore up over it and no one seems to care. Its overcrowded and so negative here.

As I type this I am bunched up in a corner of the room that I share with two other people and 4 animals. A very small room. My computer sits next to a TV that someone is always watching or playing games on. There is never any tranquility in any part of the house. I am constantly teased when I come to the site or get caught with the book in my hands. Its hard to concentrate but I try to block out their nonsense with soundblocking head phones. No music or sound in them but it does muffle the noise a bit. Silly isnt it?

So the thing I said about having to resort to the fifth wheel in less than two months is because my mothers contract with the landlord has expired and the month to month is being cancelled. So without any money I have no where else to go. Sad

I am truly motivated and honestly inspired with sincere thanks to Dean Graziosi and his team. I worked three full days (two shifts a day) in a row just to get internet installed so that I could get online to this very site. I got the internet up and running yesterday and Ive been on this site ever since. Well, this one and a few credit card sites reccomended to me by Deans team over the phone so that I can afford the coaching I desperately seek.

Though i'm filled with excitement all I taste is fear. Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. I desperately crave success through investing in real estate. I will be on daily obsessively looking for messages, tips and advice.

I dont know who reads these, but thank you for reading. I know it was long but I needed to get it out.. Even if nobody does read it.

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