Ready to begin

Howard and Robin are a newly married couple of 2 years Aug 25, 2009 talk about the married life of uphoria going to pot! Spinning in a downward cycle and it seems sometimes there is no way out or up we are literally loosing everything... But wait! Prayer has given us Deans book and a plan to implement it. I (Robin) have read the book and we're ready to go! I am a struggling Real Estate Referral Agent and My husband Howard is going out of business fast. There just isn't any work! He paints coach's big, big rv busses the kind stars use when traveling. People just aren't wanting paint and body work done these days.
I am so excited about this program! I can't wait to get started, a bit scared but I really feel God will carry us through this, after all my Husband ordered the book! I will do the foot work and we are going to stay optimistic and another thing we can't wait to help people get into a dream home! We are so excited!

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