Why Real Estate is the way for me,,,

It takes courage to get out there amd get started. I have wanted to get into Real Estate for so many years bought all the courses from Carlton Sheets to Russ Witney and Dalby, but I let my Husbands fear stop me.

He is always afriad of doing anything new, I think back to the time I bought a Commodities Trading Course and when I was done I said hey I spent all that money on the course I just have to try out my knowledge. Well my Husband had a heart attack over it, with my little 3,000.00 account, I entered the sugar market. My Husband was saying they are going to deliver all that sugar to our house if you lose that contract, I would tell him if that is true the I am going into Currency Markets next and let my Contracts Expire so they can deliver all that money to my House.

He is always afraid of anything he knows nothing about. Our home was in/out of foreclosure for 2 years, my Husbands been unemployed for 2 years then got the bright idea he would never work for a job again and started a business that only recently saw a profit in 2009. That Business cost us 20,000.00 in unpaid Uncle Sam Bills I hate to say I found the courage to do it without him.