Our Story

We are a married couple of 6 yrs, (but together for 9&1/2 yrs), and we're hoping that we can create a new life for ourselves and our family. We have 3 children, 2 boys and a daughter.

We are definitely wanting to be financially independent, and have always talked about doing something in real estate. We are smart, and savvy, know WHAT we want and where we want to be in life. We are just struggling on how to get it. A lot of its fear, and most is just slow in getting going. We're still reading the book.

Changing your life is a scary thing, but we're ready for one, and know it will only happen if we MAKE it change.

God Bless!

Good luck!! Hope you both

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Good luck!! Hope you both achieve financial success!

"If you do nothing, you learn nothing. If you learn nothing, you remain poor. So remember the only way you can fail is to fail to do something."

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