How I Turned To REI

My name is Jerome I'm from Chicago and I'm 19yrs old. Growing up I've always wanted to own an urban retail fashion store. After doing some research and completing a couple high school small business courses I began to think otherwise about small business. I felt I'd simply be putting enormous amounts of time and energy into an investment, that fact wise would likely fail. Not to mention the hard aches of financing such an enterprise. I started to look into other investments.

Upon looking, the ability to use LEVERAGE in real estate really made me interested in REI. I liked the idea of not having to put all my efforts into one big investment. So I purchased various books about real estate investing, the process, what it takes to be successful and such information. I also viewed countless info via internet about real estate and investing in it. With the bad shape of our economy I wasn't sure if this was a good time to educate myself about and pursue real estate. I then purchased a book about the history of real estate and cycles it goes through to fulfill this uncertainty.

Ironically one night I came in and randomly decided to watch some TV. The headline on a station read "real estate investing" and I immediately turned to it. IT WAS A DG INFOMERCIAL. This was even more ironic, while watching the infomercial Dean was constantly speaking about how you can make money in today's down market. He spoke on how RE cycles change and history simply repeats itself also how people who act now could be VERY WEALTHY in the years to come. That definitely got me on board interested in what DG had to offer. This was the exact information I was trying to seek on my own. It was right there spilling into my lap from Dean. Even better I BELIEVED he was an EXPERT and he knew exactly what he was talking about.

The next morning I ordered his special offer for two books. I've read a significant amount of BARM but I've been mostly studying HOW to PROFIT from REAL ESTATE NOW, because it was written to prosper from our current real estate cycle. In the first couple of chapters Dean talks about how he started investing at a young age. Being young he was often naive and could not see himself unsuccessful. Being young myself and extremely motivated, hearing this from a successful person like Dean put a lot of fuel and faith to my fire TO AQUIRE MY DESIRED DREAMS!!

I'm taking it slow for now just educating myself on Dean's material and some others and saving a little money. I'm very excited to enter the road to success with the help of DG and the DG Family and Supporters of this site. This is what I want to commit myself to NOW becoming a REI especially with all the success stories and testimonials DG provides one way or another. I'm soo enthusiastic about getting on board.

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