My life

My life.

I was born in Chicago. I have lived there till the age of 13yr old. Then we moved to a lil town in Indiana called Monticello. It is all country and way difrent then Chicago. Wen i got here it was mostly white so i felt a lil bit out place. So i started acting tough "because i was from chicago" lil did i know that was my biggest course that put me were i am todAY.

I never paid any attention at school. Never lernd to spell right. I got here at 5 grade and made it to 7th grade. Then got kickt out of school. and there are no others school near by so i staid home for 2yrs. I went back in the nith greade but only for that yr. `In the 10th grade i got kicked out again for fighting beacause i was Mexican and i was way behind every one else so i felt stupid. They put me in a speciall ed class whith kids that other problems like down sindrome and speach inpediments and other birth realeated problems. For me it was like the school sistem did not want to teach me any thing. I was always getting made fun and eventually it got to me wen this kid named anttony trough beans at me. in the lunch room and the teachear laugh under her breath but i heard it. Then he was telling people i was stupid he and his friend would ask me to read stuff and i tried so i would not look stupid they would take my home work and read it out loud.

Once they did it all the time i started to belive it even my lil sister 4 yrs younger made fun of me. one day i snapt!hard! i got drunk walked in to school on a mission to get back at those people and teachears that hurt me. Iwent to the school cafe and went off on any one that i knew that had said some thing to me that i could reamember. i got in to a fight with a lot of people even the prinsipal and lunch ladys. the rest i think i should keep to my self. But the point is i hade no education and alot of problems.

I got kicked out again and got sent to the armory hall it was oss"out of school sospention" i met MR. Cook he was a life changer he taught me who to read some what spell at a jr.high level. and do basic math. after thet i was still behind but i had at least lernd enough to unther stand.So i went back to school to try to get that Diploma. Insted of using what i have leardn with my saver MR.Cook i got to school whith a new the boy that went crazy and beat every one up even the prinsipal i was now popular . i started to hang out with the bad kids the bad boys the cool buys i was no longer a dirty. so that eventually got me kicked out again this time it was finall.

sow i went to paul simon acadamy in chicago. but i did not learn nothing there there were no actual classes. but there were alot of drugs and were there are drugs there is money... sow i did that sold drugs and bully my way in to a live. Then my friends Lester and Smokey Died. that opend my eyes. Igot out and went back to Indiana. I got a job at a factory but i hated it. so i had many jobs after that and i realise that i needed a Diploma to do some thing i liked. insted of getting my G.E.D. i got a fake Diploma from Nicaragua. It worked i got a god jobs.

Then i met a girl and had a baby at the age of 18,"NOT good" I LOVE LIL KOBIE. But it was not the right time to have a baby. he was born and shortly after broke up with the mom. Well now i needed to get more money. So a oprotunitty came up selling Comcast Cable in Philladelphia. iIthought it was great that is all i have done all my life sell stuff. Sow i thought it was great. WEll we started in Richmond Virginia and did very well. got paid good $700a week or more then i started my pay check was a lil weaker. then we went to Philladelphia. I did good again but my pay cheak was weaker and weaker. so i askd what was going on and they my boss John Palasisko. Told me it was taxes but then he started to be late and taking money for this and that and then i was living out of $2oo dollers a week. them i asked him what was going on he would not answear and naver paid me. or anybody i wanted to call the cops but i did not know what to say. to this day 4 yrs later i dont know were he is or what happind to my mondey i got ript off and fell in to dept beacause of a counartis.

Imoved back to Indiana came home broke . and no job and nothing to my name now i really was a looser. i gotother jobs then i desided i wanted to be a cop and i still to its my dream job. i wengt to ive tech but my diploma was not exsepted i made it a whole somester but then i got cought.

It was all not bad i met my girl friend there. I love her very much. and she turn my life to a real life with out ever having to look over my sholder . Know i do feel like im worth being a police officer. but i got to get that G.E.D first.

Now im working at a resturantnot making much money and taking classes. to get that piece of paper.Im still living in this lil town, but know i know alot of people who belive in me and beacause of the chage they seen in me. Now i got police officers as frieds and even the major of this town is my friend and a promist job ones i get that piece of paper. the problem know is that im 22yr old now. I need to move out of home now. No body tell me toi move out but i want to i want to show every one that i can do it . not just beacause i know people but beacause i did it my self. that is were this comes in im in dept still. but i know i can get out of this life stile "check to check" every week. my lil boy thinks im the greatst thing but im lucky he still a lil boy. i still got time to show him he is right. I am great .

the rest of the story will have to continue. I hope you guys see that there is alot of problems in my life but im going to get out and sucssed no matter what!!!! i can and i will. and this is how i am going to do it. you guy keep your eyes on me you will see if i fail i will doit again and again. keep it mind living at home a waiter,No Diploma No schooling only a dream. to hit it big "THINK BIG!" Donald Trump.

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