My Journey

My name is Norma Green. I moved to Oak Ridge,TN when I was 17 years old. I graduated from Oak Rdige High School in 1985. Lived in Oak Ridge, TN 4 years and then I have Moved to in clinton, TN. I have lived in clinton, TN for 21 years. I have owned my own home for 10 years. I have been married for 17 years. I have 2 children. A son age 21, and a daughter age 15.

I graduated college in 1998 with and Associates Degree in Computer Science. My Concentration in computer science was in computer programing. I did my internship at Bectel in Oak Ridge, tn. I worked as a programmer and a Help Desk Support Specialist. I then went to work for Madison Research Corporation, which was located in the Federal Building in Oak Ridge, TN. I First started working as a Help Desk Support Specialist. I worked as a Help Desk Support Specialist for about 8 months. I then got a promotion to Computer Systems Analyst. My total years of computer experience is about 15 years. I enjoyed my work, but I became unable to do this job do to an injury in my neck and back. This is the reason I decided to get into Investing in homes. I am able to do it when I want and able to get out and about on occasion. I am also able to stay home with my daughter and be there or her.

I would like to work with fellow Investors in Clinton, TN.