So, of course I quoted my title since it is in the lyrics of a song ... Any WWE fans out there will notice it is John Cena's introduction song "You can't see me, my time is now".

And so goes my determination. I have 15 years experience as a Paralegal in varying fields like, estate planning, real estate, family law, bankruptcy, civil litigation and most recently commercial real estate. In addition to that, at age 40 I was hired at Fidelity Investments with complete education provided, as well as an hourly wage. I acquired my Series 7 and 63 licenses and traded Mutual Funds, Stocks and Options on a daily basis. After some time you get to know the market and you realize ... our economy is struggling to stay afloat and investing in REAL ESTATE has always proven lucrative and most importantly, TANGIBLE.

I am halfway through the "Millionairre" book and frequently online while I am researching national and local trends, etc. as well as the stock market. You never lose the need for information and the market is the most up-to-date, concise and complex. Smiling

I am in the Phoenix area and am very excited about the real estate opportunities out here. The only thing I fear is a "Short Sale" or REO. But that is what requires the most work, but is usually the most lucrative. And, most importantly, you have just made a somewhat uninhabitable property into a thriving "family home" inhabited by all.

I will keep you all posted and I will do my duty to share the successes I have. I Hope you can do the same.