Just a bit about where I am coming from.

Hi! I'm a 37 year old female who has primarily been a wife and stay-at-home mom. I have been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors in recent years, but only on an hours-for-dollars basis, and only with a hobby's level of emphasis placed on it. In the last several months I have been thinking about how to crank it up and to do it with wisdom. A lot of ideas have come and gone but a few have stuck; this being one of those.

Consequently I also find myself now in the middle of a bitter divorce that was unexpected but also very expected, if that makes the slightest sense to anyone but me. Smiling I realize in this position that: a. I have never been financially independent, b. I have much to clear considering my name and the credit history attached to it (entirely due to medical bills), and c. getting hired by more clients (as a Personal Trainer) AND taking on an extra job is never, ever going to accomplish all that.

Ironically, I went along on my husband's business trip to Hawaii in July, and that's where we saw Dean's infomercial. I was the skeptic, though I have been very interested in how I (we, at the time) could possibly tap into the opportunities I knew were out there in this market. Well, my estranged husband left the books behind and I have been working hard at educating myself in how to become financially independent and, ultimately, rich. I want this for so many reasons: I want to travel the world, 2. I don't want to waste time worrying about money. 3. I want to clear my name of bad credit and pay those bills! 4. I never again want to be in a position where someone can tell me I have nothing and I am nothing. 5. In spite of the cruelty there was in my marriage, I don't want to "get him for all he's got" any more than I want to have to depend on him a second longer than I have to!

To find that I can do all this, as others have already proven, while helping others get out of holes they are trying to find their way out of, wow! I'm in!