Tired of working two full time jobs, getting nowhere.

Hi everyone, my name is Barry. I am a 52 year old man, now living in New York. I am originaly from South Carolina. I came to New York when I was 13 years old, and been working since the early age of 14. I come from a good family that always had enough to eat and good clothes, but I always like having my own. Thats why at the age of 14 I got a paper route to earn my own money. At the age of 29, my mother passed away, and father passed years earlier, no inheritance, I realized that I was own my own. I had one daughter, and then another, then at 30 years old working two jobs until the present and getting no where. I now have high colestorol, and diabetes type 1. My doctor tells me with proper rest and diet I would be fine. My kids are now grown, and I live alone, working two jobs that I have to do to pay my rent and bills, I don't have the time to get the proper rest or cook the right foods to get proper nutrient. This is why I ordered this book.

Tired of working two jobs

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I come home after working two jobs, with only a couple hours to sleep before getting up to go back to work, I'm physically tired, wanting and needing a change, how can I do it? When I get off on one job on the weekend , I sleep until 10:30 at night, by then its time to go back to work. I need a change phycically, emotionally and mentally. Please give me any help that you can, and all response will greatly appreciatated.

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