Hi, my name is Josh Strickland and I am 19 years old. I currently attended college fulltime and I also work two jobs which are PennDOT and Reading Crane and Engineering.

I bought Dean’s books in the beginning of August 2009 but I didn’t have anytime at all to read them. So on September 27th, I finally realized how much real estate could change my life for the better. To make time to even start reading Dean’s books, I deleted my Facebook, Myspace, and AIM accounts; and I also took the television out of my room because it was to much of a distraction. You have no idea how hard it was for me to get rid of them, but now I don’t even miss them! Its great! By getting rid of those four pointess time wasters, I created plenty of time to read and do research on real estate! I have currently read both of Dean’s books, his minibook, and the big newsletter he just released! There is soo much information!

Even though I have already gotten through all of that information, everyone I know including my parents; think I’m an idiot for doing what I am doing and it is impossible for me to become a successful real estate investor. They are ALL wrong! When people tell me negative things like that, it just makes me want to work even harder just to prove them wrong.

I may only be 19 years old, but I have guarantee I am more dedicated, hard-working, and optimistic than 99% of people out there. When I create a goal for myself, I do whatever it takes to accomplish it! I don’t know how to fail. My goal is to become a great real estate investor like Dean and a lot of you!

If you have any tips or pointers, please shoot me a message! I will get back to you within a day! I look forward to talking and learning from you!

Thanks for reading.



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Hi Josh,
Sounds like you have your mind made up and headed in the right direction. Just wanted to say to you that you also have made the right connection. Along with your determination and dedication. You now have gained access to the tools that will allow you to reach your hearts desires!!!!!!! Keep focused on your goals. Continued Success............Lubertha

Thank You!!!

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Thanks for that Lubertha! I appreciate it a lot Im looking forward to hearing how those houses you bought for 500 each turn out!!! Good luck, even though you don't need it! Your positive thinking is all you need!



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Congratulations on taking the step into real estate investing. You can do it! Try not to listen to the "naysayers", because fear sometimes makes people say things to others that they themselves fear. Having confidence and a positive attitude is half the battle. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Yeah, confidence and the positive attitude are definitely half the battle, maybe even more for me. The information comes easily to me but its hard to always stay positive when everyone says you can't. I just can't wait to prove them all wrong. Thats gonna be the best part! -Josh