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Hello everyone my name is Leslie C. Brown, born August 23, 1961. I meat my wife when we were in the 6th grade. We were married 25 years ago and have 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren with one more on the way. I'm currently employed with one of the local casino's (Majestic Star Casino, Gary, Indiana) where I'm employed as a Slot Technician. I've seen both sides of that industry going from security officer to slot technician, from a front line technician to manager. In 2002 I became interested in real estate investing and purchased a course form a gentleman named "Carlton Sheets". The course was very interesting and provided a lot of information. What stopped me from moving forward was "PROCRASTINATION", FEAR, and any other excuse I could come up with. Often I would go back and read over his course and try to gain some motivation. The most that I have done was to purchase the home that we live in today. Since then I've watched and on occasion purchased other real estate material. One of my favorite shows that comes on-on Saturday morning is "flip this house". I've read a lot of books on real estate investing and continue to do so today. At one point I sat down and typed out what I called "My Business Plan for Success. Now after coming so far and looking back at that writing I can see the limited knowledge I had and how much more I have increased. Dean's material has opened my mind to a totally new approach to investing. He has reveled countless ways of investing that I had never read or seen any where else. No one else to my knowledge has a site as responsive as the one he has set up. Though I have not yet secured any investment property as of yet, I feel I have much more going for me now than I had before. I don't fight with procrastination anymore, now what I strive to conquer is fear and over analyzing prospects/situations. The possibility of being told "no" is something I can deal with. My fear comes from, "if I step outside the box and things don't workout for the best, will I be able to bounce back being the only source of income coming into the house". But that to I will over come. I have to, there's no other choice. I'm determined to leave a powerful legacy for my grandchildren. To whomever reads this, thank you for letting me share a little piece of me with you. This in itself has been positive for me.

L.C.B. Investors,D.B.A.

Hey Leslie!

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Welcome to the DG Family, glad to have you with us. Thanks for sharing that very personal bio with us. Flip this house is MY favorite show too. I've actually talked to Armando on the phone, he's the real deal too. Anyway, look around, keep posting, ask questions, share more, there's no limit to what you can do here. Having a business plan is a step in the right direction, set long term and short term goals. Read, read, read. That's how I got started, start with baby steps. As long as you keep moving forward you can't fail.
All my best to you!!


Thanks Elena, it was my pleasure to share that post. It was just a small part of who I am and what I inspire to become. Have a great evening and you can bet you'll be hearing from me again.


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