Gotta make this happen

I am happily married with 3 kids and live in the Twin Cities(St Paul/Minneapolis). I have a good full time job, but would love to be able to invest in RE full time. We own 4 properties, but I have made some mistakes along the way. I need to change the course of some financial wrongs. I have been a student of RE for many years, and I have not come across anyone who does it as well as Dean. He seems to be the real deal, and I believe that he truly cares about all of us. I am excited about all of the wisdom and knowledge in the DG family.

My family and I love to travel as we do not have any local family. My kids are ages 15-20 and next year we will have 2 in college. We love sports and doing things outside (not so much in the MN winters). My primary goal through real estate is not only to provide for my family but to help others. I believe that I can be a blessing to others and really make a difference through realestate.

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