about me

Hello and thank you for reading my biography.

I am a 39 year old single mom of 2 children which live with me.
*On Sept 30th 2009 I lost my job due to new owners "cleaning house"
*In December just before Christmas we were robbed, *then the following day we were in an accicdent, a taxi driver t-bone us. Thankfully we were ok and no one seriously injured.
*Begining of this 2010 new year, my ex husband tells me that he will be leaving the country for good and therefore, will not be sending any support payments.
*I gave my 2 months notice to my landlord that I now have to move, but have no where to go but put my stuff into a storage unit and ask my mom to allow us to live there in her small 2 bedroom condo. (sigh)
I thought bad luck hits in 3's. Ive lost count now. lol

Anyway, I purchased Dean's books which costed me almost $70.00 because I live in Canada and there as custom duty taxes and broker fees to bring it into this country.
At first I thought, ah forget it its going cost too much just for these books. So I humm'd and haaa'd and decided I will pay for it and learn something.
My concern is that will this program work here in Canada and is there anyone on here who is from Canada who has success stories. I would love to chat with them.

My goal is to be "Ms. Independant" and not have to depend & count on others or worry about loosing my job every again!
I want wealth, financial freedom to do as I please.
I am very very interested in this and certainly want to turn this horrible situation around and make a good example to my children, most of all my daughter showing her that women are strong and capable of reaching financial freedom. Im tired of dreaming of the life I would like to live, I am going to push forward, break from the pattern of life I know and make those dreams a reality with the help of Dean and his crew!!
Thanks for reading my story,I will keep you posted.