Here we go!

Hello everyone, My name is Isaac and I live in Sterling Heights MI. I am a 24 year old father of 2, married and love life. I have been a jeweler/diamond broker for the last 8 years and have decided that it would be smart to branch into other ventures just to avoid keeping my eggs in one basket. I am very outgoing and social and Believe that hard work, making connections and perseverance is the only way to truly make an impact your life and others. I am new to REI and very excited to get started. I hope everyone here is as nice and helpful as most of the people I have met and I pray for everyone to enjoy a safe and prosperous new year 2010!

Isaac H.
CEO of I&S Enterprises INC./CDG INC
586-930-2228 (Cell)
1877-707-6429 (office)