Low Profile

I came 5 years ago to USA with no english at all but with my bachellors degree. My fist job was in a hotel as a housekeeping helper for 7.5 per hour. I worked very hard and also took english classes in a goverment institute where i got schoolarship.

Then as I improve my english i found a work in a marketing company with a very good rate. I was happy working there but the economic situation start to goes down and the company do not reniew my contract. I few month later i realized the cut the program where i was because money problems.

I was running out of money for a long time, i worked for potbelly for such a long time, at the airport. Was terrible, i had to drive 1 hour to arrive to the airport and then since the parking lot to the little restaurant, i had to walk 30 minutos more, that means that i spended 3 hours of my like just going and comming back to my work. I love customer service but i do not like how they threat the people. So I took a real estate course, even i know is a very expensive course. Finally i got my license, but i did not close any deal yet. I already quit from potbelly and i say the infomercial, i bought the book and now i am so excited to be part of such a great family. Hoppefully I can close a deal very soon.