New To Investing

Hello my name is Devera Lyas. Real Estate has been my dream from high school upto now and I'm 26. Im starting a business of my own and preying it be succesful. I am here to support ones decision and help as well. And in return all I need is a little support. I save three beautiful children that I want to make the best life for, they give me hope. Im afraid of trying something new but, a very strong woman. It just the fear of starting something new and so rewarding. I am gone make this the best experience in my life. So good luck to all of you thats starting something new as well.

To Begin

Hello I am trying my best to begin a business, but dont know exactly how to begin to converstate with these indiviuals. Could someone please help me with stage of fear of not knowing how to begin? A little advice.

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