The Time is NOW!

Hi DG Family,

I First wish to thank Dean for this Great web site and forum, such down-to earth individuals willing to give of their time and knowledge, God Bless them all!...Well here's a little about me; I am an unemployed Operating Engineer for the last 2 years, have had to take temporary and seasonal jobs just to get by, and can no longer see any future in regular 9-5 job. Lost my Partner in Life of 22yrs. in 2003 due to Kidney failure, after that, seems everything went down hill. But thanks to her I have my Faith and a Dream to Succeed, Thank God.

I have read Deans Books and DVD's, which I have had the time to finally decide that this is for me, there's no going back now, but forward with my New DG Family. I am starting to put together my buyer's list and decided that for me Assigning is the best way to go to get start-up cash for future investing of my own. Maybe I can Hook-Up with other members to start or join a group, that can benefit us all.

I will be contacting sellers and buyers in NYC including Washington Heights, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens etc. I'm still updating my profile, and will begin to post on the Forum soon. Look forward to meeting you all!

God Bless