Just About Me

I live in Snohomish, WA and am married to a wonderful, supportive person who has had nothing but positive and upbeat things to say about my venture into real estate.

I have seen Dean's informerciial at least 100 times before ordering it. I did the same thing I typically do prior to ordering something off of an infomercial and that is Google it and see how many complaints the product generated. I have to say I was VERY impressed to see that this program and Dean had not one, NOT ONE complaint or fraud issues. Then, I was interested.

I read both Be a Real Estate Milliionare and Profit From Real Estate Now in the sum of about 1 week. Now that is done, I am working on getting a buyer's list built for assignments and hoping I can pull this rabbit out of my hat. I have read about others but you know what they day, experiencing it is a whole different story.

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