a little about me

hmm where to start?...well since im a little weary about putting personal info on the computer i'll go by my middle name. So u can call me Ty. i live in NY and i bought deans book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" about a year ago. it took me a while to read it because i was going through some personal family issues, but i finally got around to reading it (which took me about 6 hours total) and i must say i've never been more excited to get started with anything in my life. i loved how simple and self-explanatory the book was and how its numerous examples plus additions of real-life stories can even make a caveman feel he can do it. also, although i personally already knew of the importance of such, i loved how he, in short detail, explained the importance of keeping the right mindset, staying positive, and keeping the nay say'ers at bay. although these are key components to having success at any business in any industry, you'd be surprised at how many people don't know or don't understand as much. more simply put, if your not their in the mind (mentally), you cant go there in the body (physically). or as dean simply puts it you can read the book, not listen or make any attempts to make any changes in your life thus bringing about the same drama, agony, and despair or you can make a decision right then and there to make a change, try something new and stop the cycle of despair haunting your life. I've always had interest in real estate ever since playing monopoly as a kid (although a lot of people 4get that this is a real estate game and not a "money-managing" game lol) but i just wasn't sure when and where to take that first step. after awaking from a nap to seeing deans infomercial on my television i knew that placing that order would be my first step. i must add however that this was not the 1st real estate infomercial I've ever seen. I've seen plenty, but only Deans actually gave me the motivational push to take action. they say like attracts like and i guess it took a " like-mind " for something to finally click and say "THAT'S IT, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!". well i firmly believe that this is my chance and i WILL NOT let this opportunity slip by. I'm gonna work my butt off to try and make my 1st deal happen within the next month or so and i wont let anyone or anything, including myself, convince me otherwise. Remember: " obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off your goal ". Wish Me Luck Guys and i hope in the near future we can all sit back and reap the benefits of all of our hard work.

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