About me

I what you all to know that my story is very different from any othere thsat you have ever heard.I have come from such a long way not to long ago I found myself living in an Homeless Shelter with nothing but 3 peaces of close but I was determend that homeless wasn't going to be my name so I enrolled in Everest University Online at first it was hard but as I studied I got better at it at the end of that term I received a GPA of 4.0 that is the hightest that byou can get.I was still homeless so I thought to myself If I can make grades like this and I'm homeless Ican surely fine something better that this homeless shelter.So, I went to my church to see what knind of help I could get well before I could get answer from them one of my friends can into the shelter and got me and I am currently living with them but I still need my own place.I still atted college were I am finishing up my first year.God has really blessed me Im not were I want ot be but, I sure not were I was.

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