Simply Bunny

Hello, I am 49 and recently have become extremely depressed. Thinking I will never be able to own my own home...this program is my little light at the end of the tunnel. I have nothing else to lose...except my dream of owning my own home outright if i dont do this program.

I came from a large family of one boy and six girls. My Grandmother was a Polish Imigrant before war times.
My Mother and father were hardworking good people who loved their children and taught us good values. We did not have a lot growing up but life was not too bad in comparison to some. We just never really had a sense of to use money or buy property was overshadowed with making sure seven kids were fed. I remember lots of sweet smelling pancakes.

I married when I was just nineteen and started having a lot of children. Unfortunataly my partner did not stick all my dreams except raising beautiful children were in survival mode again...would i ever be able to buy a home as a single mother who only worked part time?..things seemed rather grim although my entrepreneur spirit would dream and creativly come up with ideas of how i was going to get righ and make lots of money so i could provide a home for my children. Well Im fourty nine and still living in an apartment. Hopefully not for long because im gonna utilize these great tools to buy real estate. I can now call myself a real estate investor wanna be.
But when I make my first deal...well then I will be official.