Worn down, beat down, but not surrendering.

Hi I am Kurt Bohlinger, I am recently new to this whole thing. I grew up in a family where my father worked for everything he had and it took a lot out of him. I have two sisters and one brother. My brother works very hard but doesn't seem to go anywhere and my two sisters are living together, one working as a child caretaker and the other going to college. I recently got married one year ago and I am currently only 22 years old. I love my wife and we are happy. She is in the military and I have been laid off. I have money in mutual fund that are drying up and my parents are in no position to help me. For me this program has to work. I have a car payment and a credit card payment and we rent a tiny 400 square feet condo in National City, California for about 1200 dollars a month, and we pay all utilities. Its hard on us because I got laid off at my last job and the job market is dry. I am sick of us not having money and living paycheck to paycheck. My childhood was not a happy one but I will not share that with you, because all that matters is the future. If i can make even one deal a month for 5000 dollars I will be happy. But I want to retire early and not have to worry about money. Through out my life I have been called a failure and that whatever I do is doomed to fail. I have been beaten down but I will not give in. I recently bought "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" and I am 3/4 done with it. I don't know how I will come up with the money to join Dean's Success Academy but I will do it. I will keep this updates as to my success. Good luck to all of you who read this and may the wind be on your back and the sun shine warm upon you.