My Bio

Like many of you, I first got exposed to Dean Graziosi with his Infomercial on November 1, 2009. My wife Lori and I were away for the weekend celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary (whoo hooo) at the place were got engaged, Eagle Mountain House, in Jackson, NH (awesome place!). We were getting ready to head home and I was checking the weather on the TV, when there he was Dean!

There was something different about him, I had seen many infomercials before but never felt compelled to call like I was with this one. Besides, the book was only $20 or so dollars, what did I have to lose? I had read many books on real estate investing and knew I could make money at it, but they all required an initial investment, that I didn't have.

I got his 2 books and read them both cover to cover. WOW I was excited this could really work for me. I then decided to join the academy and kick it up a notch. We did our first deal in February 2010, went to the EDGE in April 2010, and we are currently working on our next deal!

The sky is the limit! This is our future and we are excited about all the possibilities. The people that we are meeting in the business has been awesome! See you on the beaches of the world.