Gary & Jill Ceriani - GCJC INC.

We have been investing in RE for about 12 yrs. We started when Jill deceided to Fed Ex after our son, Joe was born & we bought our 1st 2 fam. house. We then
bought 2 more income properties & had positive cash flow of over $ 3000/month.
I owned a home heating oil business & deceided to retire at the age of 45. After a year, we sold everything & moved to Beverly Hills, Citrus County, Fl.
We have been full time investors since 2000 & love the freedom. We only work about 3 months per yr.& used to take 2 month vacations in our bus motorhome. We have driven to every state in North America, including Alaska & thru-out Canada.
We have done about 57 real estate transactions,
including vacant lots, fix & flip houses, lease options
even "spec homes".
We came in 3rd place in Dean's contest & attended the Edge Event last year. We have had the pleasure of being in his commercials & his last book, Profit Your Town.
We have always done it "old school", but would to
partner up with other investors & wholesale flip.


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I'm interesting the wholesale flip strategy of the real estate investing. I'm in Anchorage, Alaska if you would like to partner up with me.

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