Seal's REI Services-JP Seal

Hi, I am JP Seal, Realtor since 1989 and Real Estste Investor almost as long.
I am just recently learning "Flipping" or Wholesaling after having done every other type of real estate deal.
I have a PASSION for teaching others how to become financially independant using real estate as their vehicle to success.
I am a believer in "what you put out into the universe you draw back in". Otherwise "you get what you give!" More important, the more you tell yourself you DO NOT want something or tell yourself you CAN NOT DO something the more you get exactly what you DO NOT want!! So getting past the negetive self talk is VERY important.
I have been fortunate to be at Dean's Edge Event in 2010 and can tell you that I have never been associated with a better group before meeting the DG Family and that is what you truly are-a family that cares.
Thanks to everyone, here's to your success!