Ever the student....

My name is Paul a 33 year old in Sacramento, CA. I have dealt with other "Real Estate investor communities" to only come back with confusion and distress, no one seemed willing to help someone who hasn't done something.I ended up not learning a thing but a few words worth of knowledge.
I know there is a future in Real Estate and I will not give up even if I am scared and feel unworthy for not owning any real estate. I would like to change my life for the better I am a new father of a beautiful girl, and am engaged to the woman of my dreams. I have always considered myself the student of life. I enjoy to read more than I enjoy watching television. My influences come from the personal development section of the library and can be named from the likes of Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill and many others.
I currently am a Customer Service Rep for a Waste Removal Company in Sacramento and can tell you I am not satisfied with my lifestyle or livings. I am an honest and true person seeking guidance with real estate for not just myself but for others. I have always seen myself as a teacher type and would like to assist others to follow their dreams.

First one would have to at least try reaching. I look forward to learning more from the forums and members who have been there - done that. I am the student and I am open to learn. Hope to connect soon.