Passionate about Real Estate

I am a passionate Real Estate Professional and Real Estate Investor. I have been in the real estate industry for the last 3 years but have recently started personally investing.

Quite often I find myself with the look of a "child in a caddy store," when I enter into houses that I preview for clients. Marveling at different architectural designs, landscapes and interior designs has been a long time hobby of mines since I was a teen.

After helping many of my clients and working in the present economic situation, I have realized there are fantastic investment opportunities out there.
My goal now is to build a diversified Real Estate portfolio of rental homes in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Baltimore, Orlando and Miami areas.

I have found that rental properties are great investments tools for creating a steady stream of positive cash flow. This along with the occasional "fliP" when the opportunity presents itself.

I have joined the Dean Graziosi Program to find others that share my passion as well as to find resources to help be better reach my Real Estate goals.


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Excited to meet others passionate about Real Estate Smiling