Lady Star

I am a native to Washington State although I have lived in Montana and Wyoming for a brief four years. I went to a very liberal arts school for my BA with emphases in expressive arts in education in early child development as well multi-cultural studies. While there I started an outreach program working with the children of the students that lived on campus, teaching art and nature subjects with the help of my classmates. I just graduated with my Masters of Art in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix and here I am jumping right into my doctorate.

I am a firm believer in an integrated holistic education that incorporates art in every lesson. My past research includes the educational theories of Montessori and Steiner; I believe as they did that any subject can be taught through art and educators become the facilitators, just there to guide and help when students need it.

My major goal is to begin a spiritual learning retreat that guides and teaches with others, that there are more positive ways to embrace life's diversity other than with violence or apathy. I want to connect the gap between individual, family, and community by creating opportunities for individuals of all ages to adventurously explore links between their natural environment, creative expression, cultural diversity and our own healing and well being as humans on planet Earth.

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