Out of the shadows . . .

Thanks to JJD who suggested that I complete my profile. Never occurred to me, which makes me really dense, because I love reading all your bios.

I have never done a real estate deal, other than the 2 house purchases of my own homes, and neither of those were particularly great deals. Nonetheless, after seeing one of Dean's infomercials late one night, I was intruiged, so called and ordered a set of books and audios. After they arrived, I was entranced - couldn't put down the books; kept the cd's in the player in my car; husband wondering why he could no longer get my attention.

That was over 2 years ago - maybe 3. Have not done anything other than lurk on this site, order some other products, and wish I had more time to pursue REI.

Husband and I own a business. It makes us a decent living, but steals so much of our time. We are old guys for the business we are in and have tried and nearly succeeded 4 times to sell out to younger folk.
During the 3rd attempt, I was ready to join the academy when the deal fell through. I would still love to be part of the success academy, but there just isn't much time left in my schedule to give up. We don't even subscribe to a TV service anymore - just do Netflix streaming to fall asleep to at night, so I would never have seen Dean's infomercial at all had I not been staying in a hotel and happened to wake up in the night!

So that's my (lack of) progress to date. I have not given up hope. I am still really smitten with the whole REI ideal, and seem to have come upon some opportunities that I had better not let pass me by.
I will be asking for help!!!!!!

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