30 days to cash

I am past my 30 days but optomistic.I have done the research and found a realtor that is trying to help. I looked at several houses and put offers in on others with no luck.I continue to follow mls.I have an investor that is waiting for me to find something around 60k. I have allowed 10k for clean up and repairs. I have bandit signs out with not one call.Can you give me some advise on whats next?

hey im doing 30 days to cash

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hey im doing 30 days to cash also only im just starting, you approach to this is all right , but have you tried maybe going on craigslist and searching your criteria, maybe even put an add up, craigslist is a great tool, mls and all the realtor sites only go so far and everyone is fighting for those great deals, maybe try finding the ones everyone isnt after, the for sale by owners the relocation, the motivated seller, as is, key words can help a lot ,
best wishes on your journey to success,


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Hey sounds like your on the right track, just make sure you agent gives you the cash buyers list so that you can send out letters. You need to be working on building your buyers list daily. The more buyers you have the easier you make a deal work. And thats if the numbers are right. Also if your not getting calls from your bandit signs, changed the loctation of them. Put them in busy intersection, a around any malls, Walmarts,Targets etc. Make sure you signs are in bold writing. Good luck


Hello everyone, me and my son are new investors.is anyone in the portland,or metro area tryed wholesaleing?

30 days to cash

My question is are all mls reports from different agencys the same? If a realtor is trying to help is hooking me up to mls all they can do?I am in the venice FL area it seems quiet. Thanks for your help. Tony

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