Other than hooking me up to MLS what other assets do realestate agents bring? Are all agents using the same report city to city?

Benefits Of Having Real Estate Agent Involved

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No. It is not required but recommended!!!!!

For sellers,having a knowledgeable listing agent,with extensive multi-part marketing plan gives a homeowner the opportunity to get the maximum value for his/her property. For each listing, they take the time to get to know the surrounding community so that they can market the home effectively to reach qualified buyers, not to include the following below

2.Following up on potential leads
3.Accurate and timely completion of all paperwork
4.Following the laws and disclosures required when
5. Buying and Selling real estate through MLS Listings.

For buyers , Real estate agents help negotiate the best possible deal and search until they find the right property that meets your needs,and they negotiate on the buyers behalf the seller usually pays the buyers agent commission for finding the buyer. So it's great to have a Buyers Agent represent you with your Contracts/transactions.

Nadia Lewis
Keller Williams Realty

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