So my realtor got me some listings as requested and has now 'gone dark on me' - go figure!

What does this mean exactly?

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What does this mean exactly? Maybe I can help if I understand you?

Gone Dark

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I mean she has stopped communicating since sending me the listings _ I know I have to go fine new realtors.


GET A NEW REALTOR. Don't be blue. Smiling

Real Estate Agents ---use there of

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I otained a list of 10 ReMax agents as requested and started calling them , hoping to get better as I went. I told them what I would like from them as a partner, vacant, as-is, reduced price, cash buyers.multiple just sold properties, etc and I am asked "whats in it for them". The book said to call them and ask for alot of items, How much do I offer them , etc. If the deals were that good they would do their own assignment, birdgoging, or send to their best sellers. Help Please.


What's in it for them

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Although I am still new - what's in it for them is making regular commission checks bey selling houses with you


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Just a few suggestions:

Don't just USE them, be a partner too
Be willing to pay them and offer great reasons to stay
Give them your loyalty
Show that you know what you're doing

After you have mentioned everything you want and they're still listening and even sent you a list, ask what they need from you to keep working with you.
When you get the list that meets your criteria make an offer on at least one or even all. Not ready for that? Then you're not ready for the agent and they know it. Next!


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