Wow! First day of BOOTS on ground

three weeks getting ready,
Now it is DO time!
Nice meeting Greg Murphy and Gena Horiatis,
My wife and I are so glad to be here now in our lives.
Vern Bird
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
July 12, 2012

Canadian Corner

Hey Vern and ???

How was Boots on the Ground? Did you attend in Canada?

Have you found any helpful information regarding Canadians investing in the U.S.? Setting up your business, taxation etc.??

If you are able to help our small club with any info, even to recommend a book or course, that would be great!!

Thanks guys,


Bird's picture

Vern and Marilyn Bird
BOG was great!
Winnipeg, MB., Canada

setting up for US.
LLC done
Bank account done
SS# in process.

CPA hired.
Property mgr in place.
realtor in place.
Getting ready to rock.

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