Jools Journey cont'.

Hello everyone, well, its been 6 days since my last blog I wrote. Here's an update on my adventure of REI. I placed ads on a while back, upillar, & and got no results or response. My ad reads "I buy houses any situation, any condition. An ad for sellers. The other for buyers. I placed and ad for sellers on Craigslist too, but no response either. Sad
Ok, I might have to join a REI club. I have to pay 100 dollars to join. Thats the cost in my town. I will speak with people there and see if there are other investors there, to ask how are they finding there sellers. Basicly, networking. I'll make sure to have my business cards.
Also, I have seen Deans blogs and he stated a Real estate shift. Now, I have questions about this. Is this why my ads are not working? DOes this mean everything I learned will not work? HOw do I attract speculator buyers? DO I make my own speculator buyer ads? Maybe an ad like this one?
Price: $180,000
ARV: $250,000
Repairs: $12,000
3br, 2bth, f/p, 2dr garage, nice landscaping, but needs tlc in nice neighborhood.
Great for the average speculator! Or, On time for the shift in Real Estate market! Or, Due to the Real Estate cycle, there will be limited deals of this kind! Buy now to take advantage of the real estate shift!
I have no clue. See where Im comming from? I am trying to keep it in the now. But how can I make it easier when my ads are not working? I will join a club and go from there. I can call my coaches, but I know all they will tell me to talk and network to get my first deal. I need, want a deal. A family member already laughed at the fact what Im trying to do and he said that, it is not going to work. I wasnt there but, one of my other friends was there at the time and told me about it. This remark made me have a mission now to get my first deal. I dont care if I just made as low as 500 dollars on a deal, but, I wouldnt mind finding a 5,000 dollar deal. Well, I have to finish washing my laundry and start getting ready for my dead end job.
I'll keep in touch with whats happening to my journey & adventure of REI Bye.

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