Looking for help

15 years ago we begane a ministry to help small churches do things that ussually only big churches could do. Dramas, Musicals, Choirs, dance groups etc. a few years into our ministry we were asked to help in Nursing homes and hospital chaplaincy programs. We became a 501(C)3 in 2007 and have had a great ministry. We see a huge need to help Pastors and Christian workers both full time and lay leaders find a retreat. well we found a place and negotiated the price down from $425K to $275K. We thought we were already to go but now have hit a brick wall after we have invested over $15K into the property. We can't find funding that we can afford. funding under 5% for 15 years. Where can I go when banks won't lend to a 501(C)3 and individuals won't lend to a Ministry because we are not profit making. we put the profits back in to the ministry. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated to help open this Pastors Rtreat.
God Bless

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